Sakura photos from Naka-Meguro~

Hello and Happy Easter my dear followers! How lucky I am able to connect with you on another holiday! And I'm so glad I finally have a day off of work haha. After 5 days you really need a break, too bad I have to go back after just one day. Being a weight loss counselor is really mentally draining but I can't see myself moving on yet. Perhaps a leave of absence with a trip to Japan would help? haha!

Well since I am not currently in Japan, and here in Minnesota we still have snow on the ground, my friend in Japan very kindly sends me photos from Tokyo to keep me updated. Right now it's the sakura season (well towards the end of it) and it's alot more beautiful and spring-y than MN. So I think it's perfect to share these photos today!

My next post will be a lens review I promise! I just need to take a couple more photos to make it a proper review haha. I can't say when I will make some coordinates tho, my diet isn't going very well strangely. Usually when I put effort into it I lose weight very easily... Perhaps it will start working soon haha! But I will do some more Japan posts though!

I do miss Japan sometimes too, particularly the shopping haha! So I think it's a good idea I hurry up and get this blog back to what it was before - a lot of Japan travel posts. I hope everyone enjoyed the sakura, especially if you live in a snowy environment like me XD
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