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Hi everyone! Sorry about my once a week posting schedule lately, in addition to moving into my first apartment I've been living between a few houses. That leaves me feeling rather rootless and none of my stuff is ever with me when I need it D: so it's been making me a bit down in the dumps overall. I'm trying to push myself to get this blogging done, hopefully my schedule will allow me to stay at my apartment more often now and I'll get lots of posts and pictures done up.

Today I am reviewing a new pair of lenses which are quite different from the usual type I review! These lenses are from Japan as opposed to all my previous lenses which have come from Korea. I have always wanted to try some lenses from Japan, and even tho I was in Japan all the time before I never did haha. Furthermore these lenses are monthly, not yearly so they need to be disposed of after a month of daily use.

I received the Milky Color lenses from Pinkicon.com which I have never worked with before, but I was very excited to try these lenses and I've enjoyed my experience working with them. Pinkicon is a large cosmetics dealer based in Hong Kong, and the lenses arrived in a timely manner and packaged very well. They included a small catalog full of cute eyelashes and lenses, as well as a circle lense usage guide. The guide is very nicely written and illustrated: it would be super helpful for those starting out with circle lenses.

Natural light

Milky Color comes in three different shades, I received the Pink version though personally I would have preferred the Blue or Purple as they would blend better on my light eyes. However the nice part of this Pink lens design is there is blue incorporated throughout as well! This creates a very nice sparkling effect :) So overall I did find this pink lens blended better than others I have tried before but I still think it's going to look best on darker eyes. The outer ring is delicate and colored brown making the lens appear very sweet and natural.

With a thinner outer ring, and 14.5mm diameter you are not going to get a big dolly eye out of the Milky Color lenses, but they do a good job of filling the eye up with their diameter. They create a very lovely look which is not bold or strong, but very beautiful and soft. I found I really loved the design, even though I like 15mm lenses I would choose to wear these lenses over the others I have. They are advertised in my favorite magazine Larme so that makes me like them more, and indeed I think these are perfect for Larme-kei and sweet, girly styles.

Milky Color Circle Lens ad in Larme magazine

One thing I did find a bit surprising was that these lenses are not super comfortable. I figured if they were meant to be disposed of sooner they would be easier on the eye, but that was not the case. I found the Milky Color lenses to be a bit more irritating than average, which could be taken care of by applying eye drops a few times. However that is not to say these were painful or anything, just I would not wear them as long as I may want to.

Overall I am happy with these lenses! If I had brown eyes, or tried the blue version I think there would be few lenses that could top them. Pinkicon carries a large supply of circle lenses, including more lenses from Japan so you can try out ones used by your favorite Japanese models.  They are located in Hong Kong and have 4 physical shops, so they are a large dealer! As well they offer make up, wigs, beauty tools and cameras. Everything you need to make the cutest selfies :D Make sure to check out Pinkicon.com they have tons of great and unique items.
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