The Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka

Oh it seems like forever since I wrote a post about Japan, time is going quickly as ever. Though I'm really excited that it is autumn, especially so when I look over the photos from this post which were taken in summer in Japan. I am so happy I am not in that miserable weather haha! Autumn is really my favorite time of year so I'm really wishing that I go out and do some fun stuff to write about here. Until then I think you'll enjoy this post today, Studio Ghibli's films are beloved and famous around the world now so the Studio Ghilbi Museum is tourist spot that certainly can't be missed!

The funny thing is I have missed it - every single time I go to Japan I have never been there, though I have attempted to buy tickets several times they are always sold out! Haha. Perhaps next time I am in Japan if I plan ahead enough I might be able to snag some. Normally museum tickets don't sell out but in the case of the Studio Ghibli Museum they limit the number of tickets sold per day so each customer can have a pleasant experience there and reduce crowding.

The view after exiting Mitaka station
Useful sign for local attractions
Heading towards the Ghibli Museum
Photos are not allowed inside the museum except for certain areas, so I guess overall it's no difference I couldn't get in - my photos of the outside would be the same either way. The outside of the museum is very much Ghibli, a mix of natural elements and lots of whimsical and thoughtful pieces from the various films. It draws the on looker in with peeps of soot sprites and a large smiling Totoro! You can see the unique artitecture a bit as well, it looks like a nice place to meander, exhibits are both indoors and outdoors so make sure to dress appropriately for the season.

The first floor of the museum is dedicated to history and techniques of Ghibli's animation, there's some very cute things that show animation with 3D sculptures of Ghibli characters. There is also a small theater there showing shorts that are exclusive to this museum! The second floor holds space for a special exhbition that changes every year or so. The current special exhibition is on Miyazaki's book adaptation of the Nutcracker, they introduce the original story and show Miyazaki's take on it. Wouldn't that be so fun to see in December!

Totoro is ready to sell you a ticket!

Afterwards you can enjoy some cute foods in their cafes, drop off your kids in the children's play area or take a stroll in the rooftop garden. I suppose you'll want a couple hours to explore the museum in your leisure, afterwards you can explore the rest of Mitaka which has a lovely park, Inokashira Park in which the Ghibli museum is located, and some cute shopping areas. I spent a good amount of time walking around the park, and just walking to the Museum itself as it's a fair distance from the station. Or maybe it just seemed so long as it was sweltering out.

Here's the actual entrance, sadly that Totoro can't help you
If you'd like to visit the Ghibli Museum make sure to visit their access page, and they also have information on buying tickets both inside and outside of Japan. I recommend buying the tickets before you even arrive in Japan to assure you getting in! You can also check out this list of attractions in Mitaka to round out your visit there. Here's a few more nice pics I grabbed around Mitaka as I explored, I wish it would have been cooler so I could've enjoyed it more!

Inokashira Park
Mitaka has lots of lovely boutiques like this

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