* Review * Nature is Lovely S-2 false lashes

Hello again, its time for a post that can be called useful? Really maybe my reviews are a bit useful I hope XDD This time I get to review an eyelash that I have wanted to try for quite awhile!

I am of course speaking of the Nature is Lovely S-2 false eyelash! This eyelash caught my eye particularly because Morimayu uses it as her lower lash, but in fact its rather popular and many gyaru models use it^^/

Nature is Lovely S-2

Nature is Lovely S-2
False eyelashes produced by Donki
498 yen for three pairs

Quick review:
Nicely shaped lashes great for natural looks as upper lashes, but a slightly bold look as lower lashes. Clear spine, with a medium amount of flexibility.

You may have noticed I was wearing these in my GEO Bella Special review^^

I had never used a full lower lash before (only half length) so I still have not been able to apply these as expertly as I would like. However the spine of the lash has a nice weight/flexibility.

It applies easily, but my own long lashes catch on it haha!

The Nature is Lovely S-2 on me as a lower lash

I think it's a tiny bit shiney, some photos it looks a bit blurry because of the way the light hits it imo. But because of its nice shape design, it has just the right amount of natural without being boring. It shows up very nicely!

Below are some example of the S-2 in a face shot

The lashes on Romihi, wow, so lovely looking!

So I really do recommend these! I'm really happy that I could finally get my hands on them and I understand now why many gals like them. I hope you try them too!
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